Student Fee Consultation Policy

Policy Statement: The Board of Governors will consult with students on instructional and non-instructional student fees.

Sponsor: Student Services
Policy Owner: Executive Director, Student Services
Policy Administrator: Executive Director, Student Services
Approved By: Board of Governors
Approval Date: March 22, 2018
Effective Date: March 22, 2018
Objective:  To provide transparency of decisions around student fees through a consultation process with the Board of Governors.
  • Consultation on student fees and College operating funding should provide students with a learning experience which includes information on key budget parameters and impact of student fee revenue on the quality of College programs and services. It is the Board’s prerogative to make the final decision on all fees.
  • The Board as a whole will meet with the Students’ Association annually for fee consultation in December. A second meeting with students will be conducted by a member, or members of senior management and the Board Chair in January to follow-up on the December meeting. The Board Chair will report back to the Board on any concerns arising. If further consultation is required, the Students’ Association may present information to the Board of Governors at any time, by arranging through the Board Secretary to appear as a delegation. In addition, the student-nominated Governor represents a student perspective in Board discussions on fees. Fee approvals are typically completed in February to facilitate admissions business processes.
  • The following fees are subject to the Post-Secondary Learning Act, Tuition Fees Regulation:
    • Tuition fees or fees for instruction
    • Mandatory fees for materials and services that facilitate instruction at the program and/or course level except:
      • fees for equipment and materials retained or leased by the student including breakage fees,
      • fees for work placements for which provincial funding has not been provided, and
      • fees for travel for field trips and/or practicum.
  • All mandatory non-instructional fees are to cover only the services provided under those fees. The College Learning Resource Fees are exempt from the Tuition Fee regulation as they do not represent a revenue stream for operations.
    • New non-instructional fees will only be levied following consultation with the Students’ Association.
    • Each type of fee will be itemized separately.
    • Fee objectives shall be clearly displayed.
    • Wherever published, all mandatory non-instructional fees need to be clearly identified.
    • Students can request additional institutional services and their willingness to pay for these services.
  • Consultations does not include fees controlled by the Students’ Association. Students’ Association fees will be identified separately from institutional fees in the College calendar.
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Related External Information: Alberta Tuition and Fees Regulation as enabled by the Post-Secondary Learning Act
Stakeholders Consulted: Deans and Chairs Council:Feb 1, 2018

Policy Review Committee: Mar 13, 2018

Senior Management Team: Jan 31, 2012; Mar 22, 2012

Students’ Association: Apr 27, 2012

Next Review Date: March 22, 2023
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