1.1 Students’ Association: refers to all full-time and part-time students who have paid an Association fee.

1.2 Students’ Union: refers to individual campus groups. Students’ Union groups fall under the larger Students’ Association.

1.3 Chief Returning Officer refers to the previous year’s elected SA President. If the President is unavailable the Chief Returning Officer falls on (in the order stated) the Vice-President, the Secretary/Treasurer, or the Business Manager for the Association. The purpose of the Chief Returning Officer is to act as chair until elections can be held.

2.0 NAME

2.1 The name of the association shall be the Students’ Association of Northern Lakes College, hereinafter referred to as “The Association” or NLC SA a not-for-profit corporation recognized for purposes of the Post-Secondary Learning Act (2005 c44 s7, section 93(1)) by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

2.2 The governing body of The Association shall be composed of those elected members of The Association provided for herein and shall be known as the Northern Lakes College Students’ Council, hereinafter referred to as “The Council”.


3.1 Pursuant to the Post-Secondary Learning Act (2005 c44 s7, section 93(1)), the objects of The Association shall be:

3.1.1 To provide for the administration of the affairs of the students at Northern Lakes College, including but not limited to the provision of liaison between students and Academic Staff, students and administration, students and the College Board, Academic Council and such other agencies as The Council shall deem appropriate.

3.1.2 To provide for the development and management of student committees including but not limited to recreational services and facilities which enhance student life and support student retention.

3.1.3 The development and enforcement of rules relating to student affairs.

3.1.4 The promotion of the general welfare of the students of Northern Lakes College and in particular support for the concept of community education.

3.2 To act on behalf of the students of Northern Lakes College with the Governments of Alberta and Canada in matters effecting advanced education and student welfare.

3.3 To employ such staff as The Council shall determine are required to further these objects.


4.1 All students, subject to any exceptions herein, registered in either part-time or full-time credited day programs where the primary residency resides with Northern Lakes College or its brokering partners, attending in the current academic semester, and paying Students’ Association Fees shall be members of The Association.

4.2 All members shall be members through their membership in individual Campus or Off-Campus Program Students’ Unions.

4.3 Any member who withdraws, or is expelled from Northern Lakes College, shall no longer be considered a member of the Association.

4.4 The register of members of The Association will be made available through the Registrars’ office of Northern Lakes College during regular business hours.

4.5 All members in good standing have the following rights:

4.5.1 to participate in all The Association’s activities;

4.5.2 to join and hold office in any club recognized by The Association;

4.5. 3 to hold office in their respective Campus or Off-Campus Program Students’ Unions;

4.5.4 to serve as a member of The Council or of the Executive Committee, if qualified and properly elected;

4.5.5 to make use of the facilities provided by The Association within any general limits placed by The Council;

4.5.6 to serve as a member of any Association, Union or College committee when so designated by the body authorized to do so;

4.5.7 to appear before and speak to The Council in respect to any matter within the jurisdiction of The Council.

4.6 Article 4.5 shall not be taken, by its silence on any matter, to shorten, limit or revoke a members’ right as a student at Northern Lakes College.

4.7 Students registered only in programs or courses held during the evenings or during the months of July and August (commonly referred to as summer session) or in courses run by WorkForce Development shall not be members of The Association, shall pay no Students’ Association fees and shall have no rights or privileges in The Association.

4.8 Regarding the refunding of Students’ Association Fees, the Students’ Association shall follow College policy on refunding tuition fees.

4.9 On recommendation of a Campus or Off-Campus Program Students’ Union, by special resolution, Council may confer Honorary membership on any person. Any such Honorary member of The Association shall have the right to use The Association’s facilities.

4.10 Association members may be paid an honorarium to conduct Association business. The amount of the honorarium will be determined, from time to time, by the Council.


5.1 Students at each campus of the College and for each program offering that is off campus or includes distributed learning pods that are off campus shall be organized into a Campus or Off-Campus Program Students’ Union.

5.1.1 Each campus or off-campus program Students’ Union may have bylaws (to be approved by the Council of the Students’ Association) and shall elect a Executive each September or within a month of the beginning of the new program, consisting of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer or Secretary-Treasurer who shall each serve a term of one year or until the program ends.

5.1.2 Each Campus or Off-Campus Program Students’ Union shall elect a representative and alternate to The Council to attend each council meeting.


6.1 The Council of the Students’ Association is composed of representatives of each Campus or Off-Campus Program Students’ Union.

6.1.1 The alternate representative of a Campus or Off-Campus Program Students’ Union may sit and act for the representative when the representative is unable to attend The Council meetings.

6.1 2 Each campus shall have one vote at Council meetings and proxy voting shall be considered under special circumstances. Representatives of off-campus programs and the Board of Governors are ex-officio.

6.1.3 All votes shall be recorded and published as part of the minutes of the meeting. Minutes shall be circulated to all campuses, off-campus programs, and the Board of Governors student representative prior to the next meeting.

6.1.4 The Business Manager of The Association shall attend all Council Meetings and shall ensure that accurate minutes are taken, prepared and circulated as required by Council and these bylaws.

6.1.5 The Business Manager shall advertise to all members of the Association, and invite all interested students to apply for Executive positions. Applicants shall be invited to attend the 1st regular Council meeting (to be held in October) to express their interest to Council members for consideration.

6.1.6 At its 1st regular Council meeting (to be held in October) the Council shall elect, from amongst those applicants, an Executive Committee consisting of a President, a Vice-President and a Secretary/Treasurer.

6.1.7 The Executive Committee so elected shall be the Executive of The Association and shall serve until the next annual organizational meeting.

6.1.8 At its annual organizational meeting, The Council shall appoint a Business Manager who shall serve for the duration of the academic year. This position may be a paid or volunteer position upon the discretion of the Council.

6.1.9 The Business Manager shall have charge of the Seal of the Association which whenever used shall be authenticated by the signature of any two Executive Officers.

6.2 The quorum for all meetings of the Council shall be 33 % (1/3) of its voting members and no business shall be conducted in the absence of a quorum.

6.2.1 Motions submitted at regular meetings of the Council shall require a second, and a simple majority of those present to pass.

6.2.2 Any motion which does not achieve a majority vote shall be declared to be defeated.

6.2.3 The Council shall record votes in abstention or negative at the request of the voter at the time of the vote being taken.

6.2.4 Any member may request, by motion that the vote on a particular motion be taken by secret ballot, such ballots to be counted by an objective ballot counter, identified prior to the question being called. After the vote is reported, a motion must be entertained to destroy the ballots.

6.3 The Council shall meet monthly during the school year (September to June) at such time and place as shall be established by the preceding meeting.

6.4 The Executive may call a special meeting of The Council if they deem necessary. Notification and agenda of meeting shall be provided to all The Council members at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

6.4.1 At all special meetings of The Council there shall be strict adherence to the agenda formed prior to the meeting.

6.5 Quorum for a special meeting will be 7 voting Council members, which shall include the presence of either the Association President or Vice-President, No business shall be transacted unless a quorum is present.

6.6 Members of the Council recognize the importance of their academic work at the College and will be self-managing regarding their participation in Council affairs based on this recognition.

6.6.1  In the event that a Student has been placed on a Performance Contract by the College he/she will agree to step down as a Council Representative, and designate an alternate to attend meetings on the campus’s behalf until such a time as the conditions outlined in the Performance Contract have been met.

6.7 A member of Council who misses or fails to have an alternate delegate attend three consecutive meetings shall be considered delinquent of duties and he/she shall cease to be a member of The Council. A declaration of the vacancy shall be entered in the minutes of The Council. The ousted delegate shall not be eligible for re-election to The Council during the current academic year. Written notice shall be given to the local Campus or Off-Campus Program Students’ Union and normal election procedures will follow.


7.1 The Council shall be the governing body of The Association and shall exercise those powers granted pursuant to section 95(2) of Chapter P-19.5.

7.2 The Council shall administer the affairs of the students at Northern Lakes College:

7.2.1 The Council shall develop and manage such student organizations, at such locations, as it shall deem appropriate and necessary;

7.2.2 The Council shall develop and enforce rules relating to student affairs;

7.2.3 The Council shall promote the general welfare of students consistent with the purposes of the College and shall promote community-based education.

7.3 The Council shall be the official channel of communication between the students of Northern Lakes College and the Board of Governors with all communication being transmitted, in writing, through the President of Northern Lakes College.

7.3.1 The Council shall be the official voice of the students of Northern Lakes College in discussions with all levels of government;

7.3.2 The Council shall be the sole official voice of the students in all matters relating to media.

7.4 The Council shall formulate, announce to the student body, and administer policy with regard to the activities and affairs of The Association within its jurisdiction, including, but not limited to, the planning of college-wide social activities and the development and maintenance of Campus or Off-Campus Program Students’ Unions.

7.4.1 The Council shall have the power to request any information of the Campus or Off-Campus Program Students’ Unions or any special group which is supported by The Council.

7.5 The Council shall administer, or cause to be administered, all monies received by The Association and shall maintain, or cause to be maintained, proper books and shall cause a proper audit to be performed by the College authorities or their designated auditors.

7.5.1 The Council shall, no later than March 31 in any year, set and approve a budget for the ensuing year and shall designate the fees to be paid by students in the forthcoming fiscal year. The Council shall communicate the amount of that fee to the College authorities for inclusion in information provided to prospective students.

7.5.2 The Council may allocate student funds to more than one account and shall require monthly reports of all financial activity.

7.5.3 The Council shall establish accounts at such financial institutions as it may, from time to time, determine. All accounts so established shall bear the name Students’ Association of Northern Lakes College – __________ Account.

7.5.4 The fiscal year of the Students’ Association shall be from July 1 to June 30.

7.5.5 For the purposes of carrying out its objects, the Council may borrow or raise or secure the payment of money in such manner as it thinks fit, and in particular by the issue of debentures, but this power shall be exercised only under the authority of the Council, and in no case shall debentures be issued without the sanction of a special resolution of the Council.

7.5.6 The Council shall provide audited financial statements annually to the College Board, as per legislative requirements.

7.5.7 The Council shall make available upon request, audited financial statements to all members of the Association.

7.6 The books and records of the Association may be inspected by any members of the Association at anytime upon giving reasonable notice and arranging a time satisfactory to the Executive Officer having charge of same. Each member of the Council shall at all times have access to such books and records.


8.1 There is hereby established a body known as the “Executive Committee of the Students’ Association of Northern Lakes College” [hereinafter referred to as the Executive Committee]

8.2 Notwithstanding any provisions of these bylaws, the administrative and executive functions of The Association and The Council shall be and are hereby vested in the Executive Committee.

8.3 The members of the Executive Committee shall be the President, Vice-President and Treasurer.

8.3.1 The Association Business Manager shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.

8.4 The Executive Committee shall:

8.4.1 meet as required;

8.4.2 meet on the call of members of the Executive Committee.

8.5 The Executive Committee shall be responsible to:

8.5.1 manage the affairs of The Association in a manner consistent with the decisions of The Council, and strategic directions of the Association.

8.5.2 determine the agenda for Council meetings and circulate it to Council members prior to The Council meetings;

8.5.3 develop policy in the area of activities and present same to The Council for discussion and adoption;

8.5.4 maintain complete minutes of Executive Committee meetings;

8.5.5 report to each Council meeting on the administration of their office;

8.5.6 to act as The Council during the summer period and bring for ratification to the September/early October meeting of The Council a detailed set of minutes covering all actions taken and decisions made.

8.6 In conjunction with the Business Manager, the Executive Committee shall:

8.6.1 be responsible for management of all personnel employed by The Association;

8.6.2 be the hiring committee;

8.6.3 determine all benefits and conditions of employment for all personnel of The Association except where employees are covered by a collective agreement;

8.6.4 prepare, for adoption by The Council, recommendations for charitable donations.

8.7 An Executive Officer will be removed from office if they meet any of the following criteria:

8.7.1 they cease to be a student of Northern Lakes College; or

8.7.2 fails to maintain a minimum of 2 courses per semester.

8.7.3 if at any meeting of The Council a vote of non-confidence is moved against the Executive Officer and the motion is carried by a two thirds (2/3) majority of voting members present.

8.8 Any Executive Officer may resign by written notice given to the Business Manager.

8.9 In the event that a vacancy shall arise on the Executive the following rules shall apply:

8.9.1 if the vacancy is in the office of the President, the Vice-President shall immediately become President;

8.9.2 if the vacancy is in the office of Vice-President or Treasurer, the Business Manager, prior to the next meeting, shall advertise the vacancy to all members of the Association. Interested applicants shall be invited to attend the next regular scheduled Council meeting to express their interest to Council members.

8.9.3 Council members shall elect, from those members who expressed an interest, to fill the vacancy. Normal election procedures under section 9.0 will apply.


9.1 The position of Chief Returning Officer for The Association shall remain in effect until:

9.1.1 Until, and unless rescinded by special resolution, the Business Manager of The Association is hereby designated as the Chief Returning Officer.

9.1.2 The Chief Returning Officer may appoint such Deputy Returning Officers as he/she deems necessary.

9.2 The Chief Returning Officer shall, in September of each year or at the beginning of off-campus program offerings, cause elections to be held at each campus or off campus program.

9.3 The Chief Returning Officer shall convene the annual organizational meeting of The Association and shall chair the meeting until elections are held for the Executive Committee in accordance with Elections Policy.

9.4 The Chief Returning Officer shall advertise to all Association members (in early fall), and provide equal opportunity to all members of the Association, to apply for and express an interest in running for an Executive position. Council rights expressed in 6.1.6 apply in determining successful applicants.

9.5 Where there is a vacancy in the Executive Committee, the Chief Returning Officer shall notify all members of The Council of the vacancy and cause an election to take place at the next Council meeting in accordance with the Elections Policy.


10.1 Officers of The Association shall spend such time as is required to fully execute their office.


11.1 The Council may repeal, amend or add to the bylaws by a two thirds (2/3) majority present and voting.

11.2 Amendments require three (3) readings:

11.2.1 no more than two (2) readings shall occur at any one duly called meeting on notice of not less than two (2) weeks,

11.2.2 proposed amendments must be posted in conspicuous locations on the College’s campuses, locations or through distributed learning technologies for off-campus programs for a period of two (2) weeks preceding the date upon which the vote is taken

11.3 Any newly enacted or amended bylaw shall come into effect and force immediately upon its passage. Any repealed bylaw shall cease to be in effect and force immediately upon its repeal.

11.4 No bylaws may be enacted or amended if the enacted or amended bylaw is inconsistent with the terms, spirit or intent of these bylaws.


12.1 It is the unalterable provision of this by-law that members of The Association shall have no interest in the property and assets of The Association; and that upon dissolution or winding up of The Association, any funds and assets of The Association remaining after satisfaction of its debts and liabilities, shall be distributed to a recognized organization in the area whose objects most closely accord with those of this Association as determined by its members at dissolution.


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