1. Purpose:
    • A. To provide recommendations to the Operations Team on strategies which support student wellness
    • B. To act as ambassadors of student wellness initiatives through informal and formal communications within the College
  2. Objective:
    • Student Wellness Strategy
    • Network of support
    • Participation in appropriate initiatives
  4. Authority:
    • Determine what approach best fits the context, culture and profile of the college community
    • Analyze information and data to identify student wellness needs
    • Gather and evaluate best practices for application
    • Identify priority needs for implementation
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of current and new initiatives
    • Assist with the implementation and on-going support of initiatives through networking with students and colleagues
    • Help to develop tools and systems which will guide and enhance initiatives
  6. Membership:
    Committee member terms are two years with the exception of the Co-Chairs which are standing members. Members are appointed.
    • Dean, Student Services and Registrar - Co-chair
    • Director, Counselling - Co-chair
    • Representative, Academic Upgrading
    • Representative, Community Learning Centres
    • Representative, Career and University Studies Programs
    • Representative, Resource and Trades Programs
    • Representative: Health and Human Services
    • Student Wellness Coordinator
    • Two representatives, Student Association
  8. Operational Guidelines:
    • Meetings will be held a minimum of four times per year with one meeting Face-to-Face. Additional meetings may be warranted depending upon the nature of the need
    • Meetings will require a commitment of a minimum of two hours and up to a full day according to the requirements of the agenda
    • Members are to advise the Chair in advance if they are unable to attend a meeting
  10. Review Cycle:
    • Minutes will be taken by the Administrative Assistant, Dean, Student Services and Registrar
    • Minutes, correspondence and documents will be maintained in a folder titled Student Wellness on the common drive
    • Minutes from the prior meeting and the agenda will be available one week in advance of the meeting date