Northern Lakes College Students' Association (NLCSA)

Every student of Northern Lakes College is a member of the Northern Lakes College Students’
Association (NLCSA). The NLCSA fees collected go towards financing the NLCSA. The NLCSA’s primary
business is to promote student wellness.
The governing body of the NLCSA is the Students’ Leadership Council (SLC). The SLC is made up of
representatives from each Student Union group formed at ALL individual campuses across our service
region. The Campus Instructor and/or campus Access Facilitator facilitates and encourages the students
in this endeavor. There is also a NLCSA Business Manager/Student Leader at the College who acts as a
resource to the students. The NLCSA office is located at Slave Lake Campus. Business hours are:
Monday- Friday 9:00 – 2:30 pm. The NLCSA office follows the NLC academic Calendar and Professional
Development days. The Business Manger is NOT an NLC employee and is solely employed by the NLCSA.

Suggestions for creating a motivation, fun, safe Students’ Union:

  • Hold a Social mixer for all students. Snacks, Ice breaker, activity, free stuff. Adult life is busy, and the students need to understand involvement has many benefits. MANY.
    Such as:
    Strengthening the Campus and Community where Campus is located.
    Recognition on Resume and in Community (Newspapers, Government Groups, etc.)
    Peer Support and Social Connection
  • Before holding elections, students can campaign if they wish, or may be nominated by
    a fellow student or staff member.
    Have the NLCSA Website accessible to all Students on the week of orientation. This is
    their site. WWW.NLCSA.CA provides information for all Student Government positions
    and student wellness opportunities in their Campus Communities.
  • During the meeting to hold the election, discuss responsibilities of each position, and
    ask nominees if they wish to let their name stand.
  • Hold the elections in the second or third week of school. That way, students have had
    time to get to know each other and students that started later have a chance to be
    involved. NOTE: New Leadership may have to be selected at the start of new terms.
  • Involve all the students at Campus locations. Do not exclude groups (i.e. programs,
    part-time students).
  • It is mandatory that the Campus Instructor and/or campus Access Facilitator is a co-
    signer of all Student Union cheques, AGLC (raffle) documents, funds from any sort of fundraising. This way there is an impartial observer ensuring that funds are distributed
  • Encourage all newly elected members to attend the NLCSA Leadership Retreat
    offered September 25,26,27. This is a great opportunity for the newly elected members
    to learn how to involve all students at their Campuses, understanding of Student
    balance- school Vs home, gain leadership skills, understand the importance of
    community, and Student Advocacy skills.