Students’ Union Position Descriptions


These are the base positions of a Students’ Union Executive. Positions may be combined or added as the need arises. It is important for the Executive to recognize and hold to the principle that authority flows from the group and cannot be exercised by individuals acting alone.


  • Chairs Students’ Union meetings
  • Calls meetings providing 72 hour notice period (Executive may set regular meeting days)
  • Ensures that bylaws, policy and procedures are followed
  • Reviews the work of the Secretary and Treasurer
  • Signs off approved Students’ Union minutes
  • Reviews bank statements and deposits

Vice President

  • Assists the President in the duties of his/her office, and assumes the powers and responsibilities of the President if the President is unable to do so
  • Other projects as required by the Executive


  • Keeps the books and accounts of the Students’ Union
  • Signs Student union expenditure cheques
  • Responsible for the preparation of cheques in payments of expenditures approved by the Executive
  • Responsible, with the Executive, for the preparation of financial plans for the union.
  • Responsible for presenting the most recent bank statements, a listing of cheques written on and deposits made to the union bank account (year to date) each month to the Union
  • Obtains licences for raffles
  • Maintains records regarding fundraising activities including the maintenance of records required by the Alberta Gaming Commission regarding raffles
  • Presents and makes available to the Business Manager of the Students’ Association all financial records, documents etc. as may be required by the Business Manager from time to time.


  • Records minutes of meetings in the prescribed form, prepares correspondence, and reads minutes at meetings as requested
  • Maintains the records of the union
  • Responsible for giving notice of meetings
  • Posts meeting minutes prominently on campus
  • At the end of the Academic year, ensures that all Students’ Union properties and records are delivered to the incoming Students’ Union through the Student Association Business manager or staff adviser

Community Education Committee Member

  • Provides the Community Education Committee with a student perspective and takes part in committee discussion and decision making (except student selection)
  • Receives an honorarium of $50.00

Students’ Association Representative

  • Member of the Council of the Students’ Association of Northern Lakes College
  • Provides monthly campus or program site reports (may include enrollment or fundraising information as well as issues likely to be of common concern throughout the College.
  • Ability to travel to Council meetings once a month. These alternate between various Campus locations.
  • Receives an honorarium of $80 for attending + travel expenses
  • Campus receives $50 for their rep attending or sending an alternate

Activities of Local Students’ Unions

  • Fundraising
  • Educational Field Trips
  • Graduation Activities
  • Recreational Activities