Students’ Union Election Procedure


  1. Provide adequate notice (at least 72 hours) of the Election. This may be done by one of the executive from last year or by a staff advisory. The timing of the election should be convenient for the student body so that the maximum number of students may attend.


  1. Have students gather for the election, select a Returning Officer who may be either a student (providing they do not seek or accept office) or a staff member. The important point is that the Returning Officer have the confidence of the group.


  1. For the election, the Returning Officer takes the Chair, starts with the President and elects to other positions in the following order:


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Student Rep to Students’ Council
  • Student Rep to CEC (often combined with Rep to Students’ Council but not necessarily so)
  • Alternate Student Rep to Students’ Council
  • Alternate Student Rep to CEC
  • Community members 


The Returning Officer should:


  • Call for nominations for the position of _____ (seconders are not required).
  • Write nominee names on a whiteboard or flip chart.
  • Call for nominations a second time; add names to list if any are received.
  • Call for nominations for a third and final time, add names to list if any are received.
  • Declare that nominations for the position of _____ are closed.
  • Ask each nominee in turn if they accept the nomination, delete the names of those who do not from the whiteboard or flip chart.
  • If more than one nominee accepts, hold an election. If only one person is nominated and accepts, declare the position filled.
  • If an election is required, distribute ballots and have each voter write the name of the person they want elected on that ballot.
  • Collect the ballots and ask a student to count the ballots calling the names out loud for each while the Returning officer keeps a tally on the whiteboard or flip chart. Have another student verify the votes called. Announce that the winner of the vote is elected, and record the winner’s name.


In the case of a tie, place the names of the persons tied in a hat and have a name drawn from there. Declare the person of that name elected.


Once all positions have been elected to, the Returning Officer hands the Chair over to the newly elected President and posts the election results in a prominent place in the campus or program site.
Those elected continue in their positions until the next year’s fall election unless they are no longer a student, resign, or lose a vote of non-confidence.