Northern Lakes College Students’ Association
Policy # 01-99

Policy Name: Fundraising, Receiving Donations.

Policy Statement: Fundraising and the expenditure of funds raised shall occur within the law, and in a manner that preserves public and student trust.

Purpose: To establish guidelines and procedures to be followed to protect local Student Unions and the Students’ Association from loss of reputation or liability resulting from inappropriate or illegal fundraising activities.


Types of Fundraising: There are two types of fundraising.

1. Conditional Fundraising

This fundraising including raffles, half the house, lotteries, and other games of chance.
It requires that the fundraising group first apply for and obtain an Eligibility Certificate from the Alberta Gaming Commission. Once an Eligibility Certificate has been obtained the group applies for a License for each fundraising activity (e.g. one raffle- one license). The
Eligibility Certificate may be used to obtain many Licenses.

This type of fundraising is said to be conditional, because the Gaming Commission sets conditions about how the money may be spent and how it must be accounted for.


2. Unconditional Fundraising

This type of fundraising includes the earnings from janitorial contracts, bake sales, garage sales, canteen profits and dance profits.
While these monies are said to be “unconditional” they are only labeled that because no one from outside the fundraising organization sets the rules. There are still rules, but the Students’ Union or Students’ Association decides on these rules before fundraising begins.


Rules for Fundraising

  1. In order for a fundraising activity to be sanctioned by a local Student Union or the Student’s Association the activity should:
    1. Be pre-planned to allow sufficient time to apply for an Eligibility Certificate and License from the Alberta Gaming Commission as required.
    2. Be approved by motion at a duly called meeting.
    3. Have clear written objectives as to how funds raised will be spent. Approval to spend money must be obtained by motion at a duly called meeting. No individual or group of individuals may spend funds raised without having the approval to do so granted by a motion.
  2. Funds raised and disbursed must be accounted for.
  3. To avoid trademark infringement, no fundraising which involves the use of the College’s name or logo may occur without a College staff member being involved. That staff member may participate in the planning of fundraising events and may provide advice but shall not direct or influence the approval of spending.
  4. Fundraising activities shall be of benefit to students as a group or individually provided that there is a process of allocating funds that is acceptable to the group as a whole.
  5. Conditional funds raised may only be spent for the purpose listed in the license.
  6. Unconditional funds raised shall normally be spent for the purpose originally intended; however, where this may not be possible or desirable as determined by a Students’ Union or the Student’s Association at a duly convened meeting, the Union or the Association may by motion amend or change the spending objective.


Donations Received

Receipts will be issued for all donations received.

Conditional Funds – Where the Donor indicates that the donation is to be used for a specific purpose, that purpose may not be changed without the written permission of the donor. If spending the money for the purpose of its original intent is not possible, and the donor does not approve of a change to the intended spending in writing, the donation will be returned to the donor as soon as is practical.

Unconditional Funds – Funds donated for general purposes may be spent by motion at a duly convened meeting.

Bake Sale Guidelines

Bake sales raise money for non-profit organizations by selling home-baked food items. Environmental Public Health requires all home-baked foods offered for sale are low-risk, which means foods that do not support bacterial growth or require refrigeration.

What guidelines do I need to follow when planning a bake sale?

  • Sell only low-risk baking items (see list below).
  • Buy baking ingredients from approved sources, like a grocery store.
  • Wrap all baked goods with new, clear plastic to protect it from contamination, dust, and pests.
  • Label wrapped goods with the baker’s name, address, and phone number to identify the source of the product.
  • Bring a list of ingredients in case of allergy inquiries.
  • Prepare, store, display and sell baked items in a sanitary manner.
  • Keep bake sale area clean and sanitary.
  • Do not prepare baked items at home if you or someone at home is ill.
Low-Risk Foods and Allowed for Sale High-Risk Foods and Not Allowed for Sale
Bread or buns Beef Jerky, cabbage rolls, perogies
Cakes, squares, muffins Cakes or pies with cream, cheese, egg or pudding filling
Cookies Cream éclairs or cream puffs
Fruit Pies Dairy products such as milk, cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, or butter
Jelly rolls Home canned/processed food items
Sweet dough items like doughnuts Icing made with eggs or dairy products

If your group would like to prepare food items beyond the “allowed for sale” list, please contact your local Environmental Public Health Office to discuss your plans with an Environmental Health Officer/Public Health Inspector.

If you are selling raffle tickets off campus:

A. Law requires you have:

  1. An Eligibility Certificate. This is available online.
    If you think that your campus already has one, call your nearest Registry office (where you get your Driver’s License). They will have a complete list on their computer and you can find out if one exists already, and if it is in good standing. Normally they are under campus Students’ Union, or under that with Northern Lakes College in front of it. E.g. Northern Lakes College – Slave Lake Campus Students’ Union.
    You cannot apply for another if one already exists but is Inactive. You will then have to contact Alberta Gaming and clear up whatever problem was created formerly, to get it reinstated. You cannot just reapply for a new one!
  2. Once you have the Eligibility Certificate, you can get numerous Licenses under it. You go to the local Registry Office (where you would go for a Driver’s License) and apply for one every time you are having a raffle. They have the forms and do it right there. You must remember to do the follow up paperwork after raffles, or the Eligibility Certificate will be made inactive.

B. The College requires that:

  1. A campus staff member be involved with any fundraising where the College name and logo are being used off campus.
  2. Liquor cannot be part of any prizes e.g. liquor as part of a Christmas basket.

C. The Students’ Association requires that:

  1. Copies of all Eligibility Certificates and all Licenses be submitted.