NLCSA Strategic Plan 2015-2018


 The Students’ Association(SA) is the governing body for all campus based Student Councils. The region served by the SA is over 163,000 kilometres of North-Central Alberta, with four government constituencies, 37 communities and 26 campuses. 3 metis settlements and 11.9% of the service region is first nations people that are being represented according to statistics Canada (Northern Lakes College Comprehensive Institutional Plan 2014-17). The SA is the official voice to the College President and the Board of Governors. Student members have the opportunity to bring forward issues and make decisions that affect them directly.

The SA is focused on pursuing the strategic goals building community, creating opportunities for leadership and supporting the retention needs of the student body.  Our SA has created these goals for Northern Lakes College Students to encourage each student’s ability to reach his/her own potential.  In addition, the strategic plan builds on the existing structure of the SA and helps establish accountability for decisions and actions by establishing common goals and expectations. We want to address and communicate effectively our students’ needs, but more importantly is ensuring that students have a voice to make positive changes for the College community and themselves.


Goal One: Enrich our students’ sense of community by providing relevant gathering space at each campus.

1.1 Establish a collaborate partnership with NLC to determine appropriate and available student gathering space.


1.2 Allocate Student Association finances to support gathering spaces including renovation and maintenance.


1.3Ensure the gathering spaces reflect the diversity of our students by creating culturally appropriate, practical, and inviting environments.

Goal Two: Establish an endowment to support students who need assistance with medical related expenses.

2.1 Establish an annual campaign to grow the endowment to a value which allows for substantive interest in perpetuity to meet expected student medical expenses.


2.2Collaborate with a corporation and/or organization to assist with the creation of the endowment.


2.3Develop criteria to determine eligibility for access to the medical bursary.

Goal Three: Increase student retention by delivering a peer tutoring program (PTP).

3.1 Collaborate with NLC student services to develop the framework for the peer tutoring program.

3.2Establish an annual budget allocation to support the training and delivery of peer tutoring.

3.3Determine and measure retention success factors for the PTP.

3.4 Provide opportunity for SA members to engage in a leadership role as a peer tutor.

Goal Four: To establish a bi-annual student leadership conference to build relationships amongst regional students through the sharing of ideas and resources, and by encouraging positive outcomes for the student’s campus community.

4.1Establish conference plan and outcomes in collaboration with the Alberta Student Executive Council(ASEC).

4.2Create a biannual budget to support the requirements of the student leadership conference.

4.3Utilize ideas and practices from conference to support student retention at NLC.