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Council Structure Student Representation

Students' Council

The governing body of the Students’ Association is the Students’ Council. The Council is comprised of every Northern Lakes College student that has paid the Students' Association fee with their tuition each semester. The Students' Council selects individuals from among on-campus and online remote students to represent their interests on the Executive Council.

Academic Council

Academic Council facilitates communication among students, faculty, and administrators regarding academic affairs. They review documents, listen to presentations, and engage in productive discussions with various members of the college community, such as committees, departments, divisions, faculty, students, administrators, and alumni.

Curious About How Our Monthly Meetings Operate? See Roberts Rules to learn the basic etiquette and guidelines we use to run our Council meetings.
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Representation of
Northern Lakes College Students
at Multiple Levels

Council Guidelines NLCSA Council Structure

President 1
Vice President 1
Secretary 1
Treasurer 1
Wellness Rep – Student Life and Community 1
Wellness Rep – Student Advocacy 1
Board of Governors Representative 2
Campus Representative 1 per NLC Campus
Program Representative 1 per NLC program
Business Manager (non-voting) 1

General information Students’ Association Overview

Executive Council

The Executive Council is made up of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Wellness Representatives and Board of Governors Representatives. Elected from Students' Council members at our annual Fall Leadership Summit, executives act as a liaison between the Students’ Council, the Community Education Committee (CEC) and the Northern Lakes College, sharing information and bringing issues forward.

Executive Council members attend monthly NLCSA meetings (via Zoom) and collaborate with fellow Council members, NLC faculty and other academic groups to create a rewarding post-secondary experience for NLC students. The Executive Council is also the official student voice to the Northern Lakes College Board of Governors through our two (2) Board of Governors Representatives.

CEC (Community Education Committee)

Each campus has a Community Education Committee (CEC) that meets monthly to make decisions about that campus. The Student Member picked by the students from that campus attends this meeting to represent the student view.

CCEC (Council of Community Education Committees)

Did you know that the Council of the Students’ Association is mirrored by the Council of Community Education Committees (CCEC)? Both are made up of representatives from each campus.

Apply for a CEC or CCEC Role


The purpose of the Students’ Association is:

  • to provide recreational and developmental opportunities for students
  • to develop and enforce rules relating to student affairs
  • to promote the general welfare of students and enhance student life
  • to communicate with the Board of Governors

Fees and Finances

The College collects Students’ Association fees from all students who attend the College. The current fee is 11.50 per credit . Fees are the primary source of revenue for the Students’ Association. The Students’ Council establishes a budget each year covering the governance of the association, services to students and administration.

Representation in the College

Every local NLC campus selects a Campus Representative from among its student body to advocate on behalf of their local campus and its students. Campus Representatives also serve on the Community Education Committee for their campus.

Whether you’re in Business Administration, Practical Nursing or Power Engineering, the Students’ Association wants to hear about the student experience! Program Promoters bring forward issues and voice student concerns to the Executive Council.

Scholarships & Bursaries

The Students’ Association has joined with the Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC) and the Board of Governors to provide two Role Model Scholarships. We also offer the Shirley Kellington Shining Star Award for our hard-working Academic Upgrading and Trades students.

The Students’ Association sponsors 50 Financial Need Bursaries of $400 each to help students who are experiencing financial difficulty. We also sponsor a $400 Technology Bursary for students in need. So if you need a laptop or a printer, we can help! Bursaries are given out 4 times a year: October, December, March and April. One Bursary is allowed per calendar year.

For more information, see our Services page or contact awards@northernlakescollege.ca


We value your time here at the NLCSA. When you serve on the Executive Council, Academic Council or as a Campus Representative, we financially compensate you for your work.

Program Promoters who report to the Students’ Association monthly receive a monetary contribution towards team events (such as a pizza lunch during labs! Yum!)

Contact us for details!

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