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Ways To Get Involved Student Leadership, For Everyone

Getting involved in the Student’s Association is an excellent way to enhance your college experience, develop valuable skills, and contribute positively to your campus community. Here are several ways you can get involved:

  1. Step Up for Leadership: Embrace the opportunity to run for a leadership role like president, vice president, treasurer, or secretary within the Students’ Association. Serving in these capacities provides invaluable experience in teamwork, communication, and decision-making while allowing you to shape the association’s direction and priorities.
  2. Be a Campus Representative: Become a Campus Representative, where you’ll immerse yourself in supporting fellow students at your local campus. Whether it’s organizing engaging social events or championing local student needs, this role empowers you to actively contribute to planning and executing impactful activities.
  3. Be a Voice for Your Program: Offer your expertise and passion by becoming a Program Representative, advocating for students in your specific program to the Students’ Association. Whether you’re in Practical Nursing, Business Administration, or another program, your voice can make a significant difference for your peers.
  4. Engage in Academic Council: Dip your toes into student leadership by joining the Academic Council. Through monthly online meetings, you’ll collaborate with students, faculty, and board members to review proposed changes to programs, policies, and more, ensuring they benefit all stakeholders.
  5. Attend & Connect: Once you’ve taken on a role, make attending meetings and responding to emails a priority. This not only keeps you informed about upcoming opportunities but also fosters connections with fellow members and deepens your understanding of the association’s goals and initiatives.
  6. Shape the Future: Actively participate in discussions and provide constructive feedback to the Students’ Association on its activities, policies, and priorities. Your input is invaluable in shaping future initiatives and ensuring that the association effectively serves the student body.

Common FAQ's

Do I have to attend meetings in person?

No. You have the convenience of attending all meetings virtually through Zoom.

Do I need to have leadership experience to get involved?

Absolutely no prior experience is necessary! Your unique voice is what matters most to us. Additionally, we provide training to empower you with the skills essential for excelling as a student leader.

How many meetings will I have to attend? How often?

You'll attend monthly meetings, with occasional special sessions, spanning from September to June. These meetings typically run for about three hours, allowing for breaks to ensure productivity and engagement.

Will I be paid for my involvement?

You will be rewarded for your contributions to the Students' Association. Compensation varies depending on the position and level of commitment. Reach out to us for further details.

Additional FAQ's

I'm currently enrolled in Academic Upgrading and am committed to attending my classes. However, I'm eager to participate in meetings as well. Could I still join?

Absolutely! Students who are mandated to attend live classes may request an excusal, pending approval from their instructor. To ensure smooth coordination, kindly approach your instructor at least one week before the meeting date. Our monthly meeting schedule is established at the start of the academic year, allowing ample time for such requests to be accommodated.

What are expectations associated with roles such as president, academic council member, campus representative, and others?

For a comprehensive understanding of each position's duties and requirements, please reach out to us! We're enthusiastic about sharing this information with you. To tailor our response to your interests, kindly indicate the specific positions you're interested in learning more about. Simply click the 'Contact Us' button below.

Getting involved in a student’s association offers numerous benefits beyond academic achievement. It allows you to develop leadership skills, build friendships, expand your network, and make a positive impact on your campus community. So, don’t hesitate to take the first step and get involved today!

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